7 Innovative App ideas Reinventing Healthcare — App Industry Insights

Many app ideas only ever look good on paper. They might appear like they can address the next big issue in a certain industry or serve as that innovative catalyst for taking it to the next level. In a perfect world, that might be the case, but the reality is that only a few apps are worthy of being called innovations that can be game-changers that usher in a new norm. And, unfortunately, this rings especially true in the healthcare sector.

Despite the relatively robust growth of the said industry, healthcare professionals, who are deemed as the best recipients of technological advancements made by apps, ironically can’t make the most of what is available at present. Why? They either end up with “solutions” that are difficult to integrate or whose flaws reveal themselves once they have been applied.

Such a scenario underscores the need for entrepreneurs to think of better ideas and ways to create actual results-driven apps, which ticks the fundamental boxes of better medical service and satisfactory patient experience. And these are exactly what we shall be discussing here: app ideas that will benefit patients and doctors. This way, we hope you can gain some inspiration or, at least, know where to start.

Medical App Ideas Beneficial to Patients

1. Consultation Apps

After all, there is no shortage of patients who would pay an arm and a leg just to be able to acquire professional consultation on time. However hyperbolic it sounds, it’s true to a certain degree, as it could mean the difference between life and death for a lot of patients.

Consultation apps also allow patients to schedule appointments without having to invest too much time and effort into it. Without a doubt, this is an advantage that most — if not all — patients would more than welcome.

2. Self-Checker Apps

Another good example is Symptomate, which also provides a COVID-19 symptom checker. As long as you can create a medical app that can deliver a pressing need, it’s bound to be utilized before long.

3. Health Reminder and Medical Records Apps

As for medical records, we can’t deny that being able to keep track of medical data is not only a boon for the patient but the caregiver as well. Plan a medical records app that will make it convenient for patients to not only keep track of their health but to make it less of a hassle as well to share the data with their doctors.

4. Pharmacy Delivery Apps

Medical App Ideas Helpful to Doctors

1. Health Tracking App

Wearable devices alone, which can track blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar, and other vital signs can be incorporated into health tracking apps. In this way, doctors will always be in the know of the condition of any given patient. You only need to look at apps like Lybrate and QardioCore to see how these apps can be conceived.

2. Reference and Training Apps

Medical training apps are another app concept that deals with improving doctors’ experience and skill. And just imagine how powerful technologies like AR/VR, mixed reality, and AI can be when simulating realistic medical scenarios, especially surgeries. You can use them to your advantage in your app and give doctors a way to practice and hone their skills.

3. Medical Translation Apps