8+ Successful Holiday Marketing Tips & Ideas for 2023

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Once more, the holidays are almost approaching. Any astute digital marketing firm knows that now is not the time for R and R. Instead, now is the ideal moment to introduce those tasty holiday marketing ideas that can mean the difference between a prosperous year and the reverse.

There is still time to calibrate and plan your potential Christmas marketing strategies. You can start by reading all of our content, especially the 9 tried-and-true tactics we’ve provided below.

The rise of Online Holiday Shopping

Even though they are not avid consumers, the majority of individuals will always value the holiday season. Giving gifts is not just a sign of affection and appreciation; many people also view them as social symbols.

It is true that the patterns in holiday marketing lead to a constant rise in consumer spending on Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and throughout the rest of the holiday season.

  • Nearly 30% of holiday buyers worldwide intend to increase their purchases just this year.
  • Spending on holidays around the world is anticipated to total $210 billion.
  • In 2022, online holiday buying increased by more than 6%.
  • However, we still need to be cautious about inflation’s ominous shadow. Nearly 65% of US consumers are concerned about its effects, and more than 30% actually plan to spend less this year as a result.

Of course, digital marketing will always be connected to online buying. After all, the latter opens up all the options for the former.

Nowadays, most purchases are made through social media, particularly through the Facebook app, emails, and of course the always-dependable blog and website. Any of these platforms can be the sole focus of a holiday marketing strategy.

What Includes a Successful Holiday Marketing Plan?

Identify Your Target Market

You can never learn enough about your audience. There will always be priceless information about them that is just waiting to be learned; this information might make or destroy your campaign. Due to this, you should always make time for this.

Do a Recap of the Campaign From Last Year

It begs for evaluation and analysis of previous buying campaigns because they reveal insights into your mistakes. By doing this, you’ll be able to identify more precise objectives and ensure that your consumers are constantly at the centre of your plans and actions.

Verify the Objectives

Holiday marketing programmes that are successful quickly stand out from the competition by having clear, workable goals. Those that pay closer attention to what your clients desire are more likely to produce the best results (i.e. better sales). It’s fantastic that any Performance Max marketing automatically emphasises this.

Start Tracking KPIs

By quantifying your goals, key performance indicators ensure that they are always attainable. They should be able to advise you on the best tools to utilise for lead generation, sales, and customer support.

Here Are Nine Excellent Holiday Digital Marketing Concepts

Be Proactive and Engage in Anticipatory Planning

By proactive, we primarily mean that the term “dilatoriness” shouldn’t even be used. Many businesses already have effective Christmas marketing plans in place months before the holiday season arrives.

Always keep in mind that people start their holiday shopping early; in the US, more than 50% of people like to purchase in October.

Prepare Your Website for the Holidays and Your Campaign in Advance

If your website doesn’t embody the Christmas spirit, how can you convey genuine holiday promotions? Once a visitor comes on your home page, you should absolutely practise your aesthetic senses and incite that Christmas delight in addition to doing the necessary improvements.

Loyal Customers and One-Time Clients Can Be Distinguished by User-Generated Content

More than 90% of people believe that customer reviews and other pertinent content are reliable. That ought to persuade you to begin urging your audience to join in on the holiday joy.

Creating hashtags that are appropriate for the occasion and running additional related promotions through advertising, emails, and posts are effective strategies to achieve this.

Rely on Proven Paid Ad Campaigns To Increase Awareness

You will quickly see success if you run audience-focused advertising on reputable platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google that specifically target terms associated with the holiday season. Keep this in mind the next time you speak with a PPC agency.

Conduct Contests on Social Media

It only makes sense for Christmas marketing plans to set aside some money for gift-giving. Giveaways increase excitement and nearly always increase engagement, particularly if you know what interests your audience and makes them want more.

Revenue on Video Marketing

According to polls, regardless of the time of year, a staggering 88% of consumers want to see more video content from brands. especially if they have a festive theme. It makes sense that these videos would increase conversion rates over the holiday season.

Additionally, you want to consider the expanding trend of social selling through live broadcasts, which up to 63% of marketers can attest to.

Keep Your Email Campaigns Insightful, Targeted, and Unique

Email campaigns are dependable, but when it comes to designing and delivering emails, marketers frequently blend in with the thousands of other users. Because of this, conversion rate optimization stresses the significance of audience segmentation and customisation while managing your campaigns.

Along with that, avoid following now-common recommendations like sending emails at specific times of day.

Realize The Benefits of Influencers

Because influencers may be the proverbial “present that keeps on giving,” influencer marketing services frequently experience a surge in demand as the holiday season approaches. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have grown into a $16 billion industry.

Accommodate Late Shoppers

Small business holiday marketing plans typically call for going above and beyond. One of them is this. After all, not every customer will be able to complete their transactions at the precise time frame that your Christmas promotion will be active.

The Best Tips Depending on Your Industry


Promote product bundles to offer more alluring discounts.

Travel & Tourism

Increase your emphasis on the idea that one of the most enduring gifts you can provide is the opportunity to travel.

Fashion and Beauty Agency

Combine promotions with travel companies. Create new, distinctive holiday-inspired themes and styles for your website as well.


Always start way ahead of everyone when offering holiday deals and focus on targeted email campaigns.

Avoid Holiday Marketing Mistakes

Remaining Ignorant of Buyer Personas

Without a grasp of your audience, you won’t be able to produce successful content that engages readers.

Limiting Yourself to One Strategy

We listed 9 strategies here not only because they’re results-driven, but to also underline the importance of avoiding this crucial, highly restricting mistake as much as possible.

Planning During the Eleventh Hour

The worm is caught by the early bird. There is no better aphorism to describe the busy season of holiday marketing.

Flooding Your Clients With Emails

Giving gifts in a shotgun fashion rarely results in anything significant for the recipient. When sending emails, the same is true.


These holiday marketing tactics highlight a crucial element: keeping your planning and initiatives as client-focused as possible. They will be more than happy to share their engagement and enduring commitment with you in return because you are literally giving them the best gift by doing so. All of these begin by paying attention to the information and marketing techniques for boosting sales that have been offered here.



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