How to Build Your Offshore Team in 6 Easy Steps

Building a successful offshore team can be very beneficial for any product company or tech startups. First, it enables the timely development of projects since the team works under optimized environment and due to the reason that they use streamlined processes in development. Second, it reduces the total costs used on infrastructure. The company doesn’t need to continue spending on utilities, equipment, and facilities since this is already set within the offshore development center. Third, there is continuous technical support and knowledge preservation which is usually obtained during the lifecycle of the project.

Build Your Offshore Team

1. Do Pre-Screening for a Better Company

This step is a must when finding a better company for hire. It involves collecting critical information about the developers and the company needs to be requested to send the CV of the developer, and that is the first implement to be used for screening.

2. Explore Possible Business Models

It’s wise to consider factors such as the cost of hiring each developer or even the cost of building an entire offshore team. Since the offshoring industry is very competitive, many companies are likely to charge their services at reasonable prices. But all that matters is cost-effectiveness.

3. Interview the Candidate for All Skills

This is another important step to building a successful offshore team. The best way to do this is by developing a list of questions or objectives that you need to ask your interviewees. This will help you remember to examine all the skills and qualities you are looking for in a particular candidate if he/she is suitable to achieve your business objectives.

4. Start With Smaller Engagement

It’s always a good idea to start the project with a small engagement with the offshore team. This is mainly done to familiarize the candidates with your company and other members of your team. Make your communication simple by using common language statements (without the use of metaphors, vocabularies, and references to your culture) so that every person can understand irrespective of their country.

5. Evaluate Results

After the initial engagement, this is the step you need to decide on the right kind of setup to make your development team. This step should be taken seriously because hiring a bad developer can lead to wastage of both training and recruitment costs, and the general wastage of time and energy. Arriving at the correct decision can, therefore, be very tough and complicated.

6. Usage of Proper Tools & Documentation

After building a successful offshore team, you should start thinking of ways to manage and control your projects using tools. This will ensure that your project is well organized. You will also be able to monitor, share, and create different project ideas for your team online with multiple views. This allows your project suggestions to update in real- time and automatically as the team works on various tasks.


When hiring dedicated developers for your project, make sure to follow the above offshore team managing tips for successful development. In addition to building a successful team, you should choose people with similar working enthusiasm as yourself to prevent having many challenges when working together.

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