How to Promote Mobile Game Apps on Social Media?

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Since its advent, social media has since become an invaluable tool for marketers. So much so, that it developed into a whole new discipline in itself: social media marketing. And as any established mobile game marketing agency will say, promoting games on Social media is just as viable (and arguably necessary) as advertising any kind of product or service on more conventional platforms.

Why Social Media Is a Prized Marketing Platform?

To know why social media marketing for games has come a long way, we first need to know what social media brings to the table. Let’s start with the stats:

  • As of April 2022, Facebook now has almost 3 billion active users. Instagram comes second at nearly 1.4 billion at the start of the year.
  • According to Statista, close to 92% of US companies with more than 100 employees are expected to rely on social media for their marketing.
  • A little over 75% of marketers can attest that social media marketing benefited their company near the start of 2022.

Given these figures, this form of marketing, including social media advertising, is only bound to become the norm for marketers worldwide. In the same way that digital marketers are eagerly looking for ways to promote their goods and optimize their ROI, game developers should also be sharpening up their game marketing strategies to promote games on social media.

Let’s see how the top platforms fare when it comes to that.

The Best Social Media Marketing Channels and How They Benefit Game Marketing

These outline some of the compelling reasons why any game marketer should promote mobile games with social media.


  • Based on Facebook’s Games Marketing Insights for 2021, Facebook Gaming saw sustained growth from 2020 to 2021 in focus countries US, UK, South Korea, and Germany.
  • In the US alone, 28 million new gamers entered the platform in the said span of time.

Facebook, with its well-developed UI/UX, is bound to deliver no less than that. This is why most gaming companies capitalize on it by developing their individual brand and game pages and encouraging the formation and growth of fan pages and dedicated gaming communities.

Of course, conventional marketing like ads and the use of multimedia, including images, videos, and written content are also powerful options in the platform’s often-crowded streaming service.


Ad revenues in TikTok are forecast to reach up to $12 billion this year. It remains a haven for influencer marketing with over 50,000 influencers, which include game influencers, on the platform.

  • 40 billion views on the platform relate to gaming.
  • 65% of users have made an IAP in a span of 6 months.
  • 1 in 5 users purchased a game promoted on a TikTok ad.

A big part of what made these exceptional stats possible stems from the platform’s overall receptiveness to gaming communities. It’s also easy to plan for successful game marketing by being able to map out specific game growth journeys as a result of the said amenability.


  • Over 90% of active users on Instagram watch videos on it on a weekly basis.

Instagram allows you to make the most out of what pulls people to video content. You can capitalize on eye-catching visuals to showcase your game’s content.

Moreover, as an influencer marketing agency, we will help you to work with the right influencers to play it and stream actual game footage.

Even more important is the use of Instagram ads, and what’s great is that there are numerous ad types you can choose from and create to ensure optimal brand awareness and conversion.

Mobile game ad platforms still rely mostly on video creatives when promoting games, and there’s no reason for you to refrain from doing that on Instagram.


YouTube Gaming accrued over 100 billion hours of watch time in 2020. Even now, that number continues to rise, and game marketers owe much of that to the platform’s popularity as a video-sharing platform. That, plus the fact that YouTube videos benefit from SEO.

We also don’t need to look further than the users with the highest amount of followers on the platform like PewDiePie and MrBeast, who are themselves gamers.


  1. Discord’s gaming roots can’t be denied, with a large slice of its 150-million active users pie undoubtedly falling under that broad category (70%, to be exact).
  2. Also, did you know that 60% of the platform’s mobile in-app revenues come from the US?
  3. More importantly, Discord has a solid 27% market share in the game development market.

Considering its lingering close ties to the gaming industry, it’s definitely a platform-not-to-be-missed if you intend to improve mobile game revenue and learn better in-app purchases strategies. You can start by building your game’s community from the ground up.

Surefire Game Marketing Ideas Worth Implementing

Now that we know which platforms to focus on, it’s time to brainstorm marketing ideas and come up with effective marketing techniques for promoting mobile games.

The lucky eight listed here are great starting points. At first, they’re mostly based on plenty of the game marketing trends happening now. Secondly, they’ve already been proven to work.

  • Do Giveaways

Gamers are attracted to free goodies, as much as anybody. As much as possible, impart these giveaways with themes related to your game. Equally important is to make sure it’s something that they’ll like and will never be devoid of the fun element.

  • Work with Streamers and New Gamers

This is exactly how influencer marketing works. Obviously, you’ll need to partner with those who have an audience that you know will love your game just as much. Once you get that perfect balance of an influencer that genuinely likes your game, with an audience that can say the same, then you’re close to getting it made.

  • Offer Exclusive Behind the Scenes Content

People, once they become curious, find it hard to resist the urge to peek. Offering behind-the-scenes content serves as a superb way for you to satisfy that urge and, in turn, help them gain a better understanding of what to expect from your game.

  • Provide Early Access and Beta Promos

Need additional funding to complete and polish up your game? This is one good route you can take. In the process, you hit two birds with one stone because early access typically involves encouraging the gamers to give valuable feedback.

  • Boost Retention with Late Game Sneak Peeks

Gamers usually want to know what the late game or end game stage of any game looks like. Knowing what they’ll achieve and the things they’ll be able to do once they’ve progressed far will only motivate them to start and keep playing. User retention is just as important, with all things considered.

  • Inject More Hype with Anticipation Posts

Gamers want to have something to look forward to. Making these posts, as the day of their awaited event slowly draws near, will only fan that flame, so to speak.

Countdowns work and will undoubtedly continue to work for this. You can use the one on Instagram. Practically any new launch or big update you do can benefit from anticipation posts.

  • Keep It Light with Humor and Memes Posts

This again goes back to the fun element we mentioned above. Games and their developers can only themselves seriously up to a certain point, after all, before their audience inevitably begins to lose interest.

Start firing up that gray matter and think of witty, wacky memes from time and time, and you’ll notice the big difference it will undoubtedly make.

  • Always Make Room for Updates

Static games rarely manage to keep their entertainment value, at least for most of their initial audience. This underscores the importance of rolling out new, preferably exciting content that will re-energize your player base and attract new gamers in the process.


Much like any type of marketing, game marketing on social media requires consistent research and action. Once you know what to do, you need to have the equal willpower to start and continue doing it to achieve the results you want — unless you’re willing to share the load.

We at Dot Com Infoway have mastered mobile game marketing services and SMM services. We know that highly original strategies are nothing short of necessary in promoting games on social media. We’re sure to implement most, if not all, the ideas we outlined above — with a few bonuses — to help hit your targets.

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