How Will ChatGPT Affect SEO: Results-Driven Techniques

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6 min readFeb 23, 2023

Despite the fact that chatbots have been around for a while, when the AI-based ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) was introduced in late 2022, it caused a stir. Almost every digital marketing agency has seen it now that they realise the enormous potential of ChatGPT for SEO.

Are you searching for the most recent and pertinent SEO tips for startups? All we’re going to say is that before you decide to use SEO services, you should familiarise yourself with the advantages of ChatGPT. Because of the information and advice we provided here, you’ll understand why it’s the newest trendy item.

Quick, Inspiring ChatGPT Facts

Because there has also been talk about ChatGPT potentially replacing Google in the future, we can’t ignore the interest in it for SEO. Certainly, for now, that may sound like a wishful notion, but in light of the following ChatGPT Data and current realities, it may very well have some basis:

  1. After only five days of operation, ChatGPT had a million users. Comparatively, it took Facebook and Instagram, respectively, 10 and 2 months to reach that milestone.
  2. Its parent business, OpenAI, has a secondary share market value of $20 billion and is directly funded by Microsoft.
  3. As of the time of this writing, the AI receives around 10 million prompts and queries each day, and that figure is rising.
  4. Although it may be expensive to operate ($100,000 daily on average), it is expected to generate $200 million in revenue by 2023.
  5. Microsoft recently announced its desire to integrate it into its Bing search engine after investing $1 billion in it.
  6. With all of its users together, ChatGPT has already surpassed the 500 million user threshold.

Here Are Several Cautions About ChatGPT, Nevertheless

Naturally, no platform is ever ideal. It simply won’t do to accept a request for low-quality material that won’t rank, such as “write me a 1,000-word essay about the benefits of activated charcoal.”

To understand how to utilise ChatGPT properly, you need to focus on the following aspects and characteristics.

Nothing Beneath the Sun Can Be Prompted by It

It won’t produce material or conceal information on any taboo or contentious subject. Anything involving violence, hate speech, overtly sexual content, or anything illegal may be considered one of these.

It Is Not Current

For instance, it makes it plain that, as of this writing, its knowledge only extends through 2021, thus asking about current events is not appropriate.

Evidence Of Bias

This is due to the training it has through, which calls for it to be as sincere, upbeat, and encouraging as possible.

You may see how harmless it is when writing stories, for instance, especially if you don’t provide specific instructions. Its stories almost invariably come to a joyful, utopian conclusion. And sure, even prompts that urge it to write in the manner of writers who are renowned for their incessantly depressing conclusions are applicable.

In summary, these biases have a significant impact on the result.

As long As You Take a Detailed Approach, It Works Better

There is a reason why training organisations already exist and promise to show you how to trigger ChatGPT correctly. If you don’t provide it every crucial piece of information imaginable, it simply can’t be used to its maximum potential or provide you with the results you’re especially looking for.

Even if you ask it to “explain further” or “provide more details,” it will, at best, merely scrape the surface. You must give it precise instructions.

There Are Techniques To Spot Artificial Material

For example, Google employees have been funding it for years. In many systems, it is assumed that AI-generated material has statistical characteristics that are both inherent and shareable.

This Is Watermaker Its Results Aid in AI Content Recognition

Know that you’re going directly against ChatGPT’s creators if you’ve been hoping to use it to create an entire essay or optimize your website for Google using only ChatGPT content. After all, the output of the chatbot is marked with an invisible stamp based on cryptography by OpenAI.

The watermark merely makes AI-based content easier to spot.

How ChatGPT Helps with SEO

Choose Useful Keywords

One of the best uses of ChatGPT for SEO is keyword research. But don’t anticipate getting a precise list of pertinent phrases right away.

Despite this, you still need to put some time into going through each one and eliminating any that, in light of search traffic, difficulty, etc., are not worthwhile targets.

Check and Fix Your Grammar and Spelling

When it comes to these two crucial components of textual content, ChatGPT is virtually faultless. Thus, if someone queries, “How would ChatGPT affect SEO?” Inform them that it can essentially serve as the ideal grammar policeman who can edit anything you write.

Provide Top-Notch customer service

One of the benefits of chatbots has long been this. When it comes to answering questions, interpreting, and — more importantly — providing customized solutions to clients, ChatGPT is no different.

Provide Original Content

The miracles of ChatGPT come from its capacity to write naturally. You can instruct it to write, for instance, in a particular tone or to imitate someone’s style. We may thank its autoregressive language model for its ability to simulate writing that is similar to what a human would produce, even though it is not yet able to replicate a writer’s exact output in its entirety.

Helps In The Creation of Meta Descriptions

It can be instructed to produce descriptions of particular articles as long as you specify a character restriction for the words used.

Suggestions For Page Titles

Based on the content you provide with it, it will give you a list of page titles and precise needs throughout the process.

May Improve Site Structure

Simply put, it will be able to conduct an audit of your website for you and recommend ideas for optimization in crucial areas like how to implement structured data and enhance headings, titles, duplicate pages, etc.

Make Complete Blog Posts

If you ask it to produce a blog article about the “greatest wakeboards in 2023,” you’ll get one in a matter of minutes. You can even tell it to change or re-generate any text that you’re not happy with.

What else can you say to thoroughly persuade you of the usefulness of chatbots in digital marketing?

7 Ways to Get the Most of ChatGPT for SEO

Check Your SEO Objectives

SEO tactics and trends have repeatedly emphasized how crucial it is to match your strategy with your objectives. You need to employ ChatGPT as one more tactic to assist in achieving those particular goals.

Obtain Useful Information

You can only use ChatGPT more precisely by using information from your site’s statistics and about your audience, which is nearly always the preferable option.

Help the Model Learn

The process of “training” entails providing the model new data. For optimization, you must modify the output based on the fed data during the process.

Use It To Produce Content

It’s time to start creating the content now that the data has been secured and loaded. For instance, you may instruct it to construct the title, description, and full content for blog entries while incorporating all the keywords you’re aiming for.

Track and Make Modifications

Any PPC firm places a high priority on ongoing ad upgrades. The same holds true for all content, including those produced by ChatGPT. You must constantly feed it new data as you gather it.

Use It To Find Keywords

Have it recommend more keywords based on a list of seed keywords you currently have if, for example, you want to improve eCommerce SEO.

Clean Up the Keyword List

Test and examine each new keyword there. Keep in mind that it needs to be optimized to rank highly for keywords that are worthwhile to target in terms of competitiveness, relevancy, and search volume.


Because of its apparent ability to produce rational thoughts, material, and information, ChatGPT has come to resemble a miracle cure for programmers, students, bloggers, and writers. Simply put, ChatGPT for SEO is more effective than a typical Google search and our own human efforts, making it nothing short of revolutionary.

That can certainly make a lot of people’s life easier, particularly digital marketers. If you identify as one, you obviously have a lot to gain.



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