Infographic On Account-Based Marketing [ABM]

By Ruban 4 mins read

Increasingly getting wary of randomly targeting market segments with unpredictable results? Then you need to embrace account-based marketing.

ABM is a strategy in which you direct your marketing resources to engage a specific set of individuals or accounts. Instead of casting a wide net based on guesswork and oblique personas, ABM helps you identify key prospects so that you can carry out highly targeted and focused marketing campaigns for them.

The general perception is that ABM is good for B2B companies, but even for B2C businesses, ABM can work wonders provided targeting is strategic and research based. The availability of big data allows you to create highly specific segments and then customize your marketing accordingly.

The growth in the ABM sector over the recent years has been quite exceptional with 60% mainstream companies using ABM and 10% within the last 12 months, among those surveyed. 87% marketers claim that in terms of ROI, ABM outperforms every other marketing investment.

Here at Dot Com Infoway we have been providing account-based marketing services to a wide range of clients from mobile app developers to SaaS providers to fintech companies to Blockchain developers to the education sector, just to name a few. Through our precision data analytics, research and a command over technology and digital marketing, we can help you formulate and implement an ROI-rich account-based marketing strategy.

Below we have created an infographic rich with data and insights on account-based marketing. Our team of researchers, digital marketers and graphic designers have created this infographic not just to help you understand the concept better, but also create a wider awareness so that more businesses can benefit from this form of marketing.

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