Mobile App Marketing Trends for 2023

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App developers work with an app marketing agency to get their apps at the top of the list. Usually, they implement a plethora of ASO strategies based on app marketing trends, which are centered on three factors: awareness, user acquisition, and retention.

In this post, we have listed down the ones that are arguably the hottest Mobile marketing trends 2023. If you’ve been looking for app marketing ideas, there’s no better place to start than here.

The Top 10 Best App Marketing and ASO Trends for 2023
The entire mobile app market is expected to earn up to a whopping $930+ billion in 2023 alone. In the US, the top app monetization method is still in-app ads, with 26% of apps relying on it., while around 8% use paid ads.

Do you know the niche of apps that enjoy the highest overall conversion rates in terms of Impression to Page View? Travel apps at 41.4%.

If you want to learn how to do a go to market strategy for apps, we implore you to notice the patterns that these present mobile app industry trends reveal and how they serve to shape the strategies that you can employ with them in mind.

If you’ve been wondering, “What are the best app marketing strategies?” look no further than this list

  1. Trends That Carry Over From 2022
    We can’t deny that there remain a number of App Marketing Trends from 2022 that still remain relevant in 2023 and beyond. The gist of it is the following:

ASO Remains Crucial in Any App Marketing Strategy
Whenever you perform the fundamentals of ASO like optimizing creatives, metadata, and localizing your app, you’ll always set your app up for growth. You also have to take advantage of the new capabilities offered by app stores such as the ability to host in-app events and customize store listings to continually improve your rankings. Any app store optimization agency will tell you as much and should be in the know with regards to that.

ASO Is an Entirely Different Beast Compared to SEO.
SEO and ASO only share similarities up to a certain point. Yes, app store optimization services will tell you that you should optimize for keywords when doing either one, but the nuances in user intent differ significantly.

ASO Synergizes Well With Paid Acquisition Strategies
ASO will give you the organic traffic you need, but the winning formula is almost always a combination of organic and paid acquisition. This results in a diverse and loyal customer base, and the two strategies, when done right, often benefit each other.

2. Personalizing the Mobile User’s Journey
User Engagement Strategies have been espousing personalization in recent years simply because it’s been found to boost not only engagement but conversions and retention rates as well.

Personalization is mainly done through Google’s Custom Store Listings or Apple’s Custom Product Pages. After all, these platforms make data-driven decision-making that much more viable and allow you to understand various audience segments and their intent.

3. Apple App Store Trends in 2023
The most notable App Marketing Trends focused on the App Store are as follows:

  • Enhanced personalized app experiences
  • Quality over quantity
  • Adaptation of new Apple standards
  • Apple’s new ad placements

Overall, in 2023, app marketers need to prioritize personalized app experiences. By prioritizing quality over quantity and adapting to the new standards, your app will only stand out more.

New ad placements offer opportunities for better user acquisition and by leveraging on expanded pricing capabilities, it opens more opportunities for app growth.

4. Notable Google Play Store Trends 2023
Insights and complexity: SKAdNetwork 4.0
Enhanced attribution in Google App Campaigns
Autoplay screenshots for games in Play Store Browse
Emphasizing video and feature graphics in Play Store search
By doing enhanced attribution in Google App Campaigns and getting insights from SKAdNetwork 4.0, you’ll gain a better understanding of user behavior.

Mobile App Marketing Agencies are hired solely to boost conversion rates and app discoverability and that can be implemented by optimizing for large screens and capitalizing on autoplay screenshots. Other app marketing tips also center on capturing user attention, and that can be done through compelling videos and other graphics.

5. Social Media App Marketing Trends in 2023

  • Rise of micro-influencers
  • Importance of user-generated content
  • Impact of economic instability
  • Video content continues to dominate in 2023

Mobile app market trends with regard to social media are mostly focused on attracting new users and keeping them engaged. Micro-influencers, with their targeted approach, help a lot, as does user-generated content with their social proof and recommendations.

Mobile app marketing trends have also placed importance on storytelling, which can help captivate customers and connect with them on a deeper level. Lastly, the looming shadow that is economic instability only warrants preparation for crisis scenarios that help marketers navigate more effectively through budget constraints.

6. Boosting Engagement with Interactive Marketing
An app marketing company that knows the value of user engagement knows the key success. What’s great is that you don’t have a shortage of options when it comes to this. You can conduct quizzes, offer surveys, and offer more novel types of videos that are highly personalized and can result in more meaningful interactions.

7. Focusing on Data-driven Decision Marketing
Likewise, an experienced app marketing service realizes the value of analyzing consumer data to make better marketing decisions. These help marketers better understand their target audience and enable them to anticipate their individual requirements.

By relying on data-driven decision-making, you’ll be able to bridge the gap that used to result from a lack of customer insights. What’s even better is that it will be provided almost close to real-time and with unquestionable accuracy.

8. Using Videos in In-App Store Listings
Videos will always attract customers better and can be presented in a concise manner. They also help them make informed buying decisions. Without a doubt, products and services do well to be demonstrated visually to build trust, and you can do just that through these mediums.

Other perks they readily bring are higher conversion rates (just the simple addition of videos have been proven to result in this) and more visibility (thanks to the ‘Recommended’ and ‘Featured’ sections).

9. Boost Retention With Short-Form Content
Short-form content like micro-user and user-generated content presents what you have to offer in a simpler way. It’s easier to showcase its marketing value this way. All the while, you’ll also be able to deliver feedback-based content that only builds more trust and engagement.

They’re also arguably more cost-effective and add a touch of authenticity that is rarely felt in other forms of content. The fact that this is included in top App Marketing Trends is a telling sign that keeping your content minimalized is almost an ever-green strategy, too.

10. Boost Performance by Optimizing Geolocation
Geolocation “unlocks” your marketing message in that it allows you to provide relevant offers, promos, and suggestions based on their location.

Moreover, it further enhances your communications by letting you send targeted push notifications and in-app messages based on where your users are from. Just think of how much real-time information you can share, such as what events are currently happening or the hottest offers.

Last but not least, geolocation also aids in personalization and maximizing revenue.

So, what is the best app marketing strategy based on the facts stated above? A multi-pronged approach integrating the proven strategies derived from the 2023 App Marketing Trends.

Overall, they work simply because they touch on key essentials like personalization, user engagement, trust building, user data analysis, and simply addressing your customers’ immediate concerns.



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