Which Platform Should I Choose for My Mobile App Development? iOS or Android?

Are you developing your first mobile app? Thousands of emotions recoiling inside you — isn’t it? But you are tangled between the different options available in the market and not sure which is the best app development platform to work on. Don’t worry; we are here to assist and direct you towards a competent solution.

Choosing a mobile app development platform is not a simple task as there is a bunch of information revolving in the market, making it more difficult for you to pick the best one.

iOS and Android together share 97 percent of the mobile app development market; the perfect way to handle mobile app development is benefiting from both. Anyway, that is not always conceivable — imperatives like time, app development cost, and the resources available to you can keep you from producing for both platforms at the same time. Rather, you might need to consider utilizing one platform first and then present on the other app development platform sometime in the not too distant future.

Before we step into understanding the best structure, let’s know some contemplation that affects mobile app development.

When we talk about popularity, Android and iOS app development have the upper hand in this arena. Their reputation, efficiency, customer service, and many other features make them the front-runners in this market. The two giants have always been in a fierce competition over being the number-one in the mobile app development platform. However, this competition of being the best benefits the developers.

Google’s Android acquires 80% of the market share due to its financial benefits. But the returns gained in the iOS platform are way ahead. Both applications have their pros and cons.

Each app development platform has its pros and cons and disadvantages, so you have to do the research and decide which platform fulfils your expectations.

Let’s have a glance at iOS vs Android app development platform benefits and disadvantages that can help you make a wise decision in the battle of iOS Vs Android.

Your Target Audience

Quality and Quantity of Your Application

Complexity in Designing

Kotlin is the new language used to develop Android apps which is much simpler compared to the iOS language. With the introduction of Kotlin, developing android apps has become much easier and faster.

App Development Cost

Your strategy to spend money has a substantial effect on finding out which stage to create for first. As we know that iOS applications get more cash-flow. Despite the reality that Apple has fewer users and creates less application downloads, the App Store gets remarkably more income.


Time to Complete the Project

Compatibility with Other Devices

Manipulation with the Application

Approval of the App


One motive behind why iOS is easy to produce apps is the code that it uses. Android requires some initial knowledge of Java or Kotlin, whereas iOS demands the expertise of Swift and Objective C. Obtaining Android languages is comparatively easier than the languages used in iOS platforms.

Making Money From The App


With iOS getting more income, and Android having an overwhelming piece of the pie, it’s challenging to decide which platform is the best decision for your mobile app development. Eventually, your choice to work for iOS or Android, in the beginning, is going to come down to what works for your business. If your target market is North American customers, with higher salaries, and you want to benefit from in-application buys, you need to go with iOS first. If you’re focusing on a more substantial market and plan to adapt through promoting, then Android is the better wager.

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